Stroke order rule 8 – left sweep first

A 左払い hidariharai (lit. “left sweep”) is a slanted, upper-right-to-lower-left stroke; a 右払い migiharai (lit. “right sweep”) is its mirror image: a slanted, upper-left-to-lower-right stroke. This is what they look like in a serif and a sans-serif font.

Diagram showing 左払い hidariharai and 右払い migiharai in two different fonts: serif (mincho) and sans-serif (gothic).
左払い hidariharai, or left sweep, and 右払い migiharai, or right sweep.

Stroke order rule 8 says:

Whenever a hidariharai intersects a migiharai, forming an X-shape, the hidariharai is written first.

Kanji stroke diagram showing 左払い hidariharai and 右払い migiharai strokes forming X-shapes in the kanji 父 chichi 'father', 対 TAI 'against', 殺 korosu 'to kill', 務 tsutomeru 'to serve', 愛 AI 'love'.
chichi ‘father’, TAI ‘against’, korosu ‘to kill’, tsutomeru ‘to serve’, AI ‘love’.

The hidariharai in AI is more elaborated than the basic shape we presented in the first diagram, but the stroke order is the same.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

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